Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome back to Story Time.

We had our first preschool Story Time today.  Our theme today was about the Library and what you should and should not do there.  But the main idea was that the Library is a fun place to be, especially storytime, because we can do a lot of fun things there.

I introduced the kids to Mr. Wiggles.  He showed them some things to be careful of with the books they read.  We read a book called Shout! Shout it out! by Denise Fleming to demonstrate how we can be noisy in storytime but not out in the library where we could disturb others.  We also read the book called, I took my Frog to the Lirary by Eric A. Kimmel and talked about why we don't bring our pets to the Library.

We read a book called Maybe A Bear Ate It! by Robie Harris and talked about lost books.

Our craft project for the day was a coloring book for each child that was their own mini book about the Library called, Button's Lost Library Book.

Thank you to everyone for coming today.  We will see you again next week to have more fun.

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