Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I went to a meeting right after storytime last week and did not get my storytime posted.  I will try to get an update out when I can but today we were PIRATES!

I wish to thank all the people online that I have found ideas from because I found a lot, some I used some I didn't but they helped make it fun for the kids.

We did our welcome song "If your happy and you Know it", and then I stepped out of the room for a minute and Susan stepped in and did the ABC's with the kids.  I was setting up a treasure hunt activity in the Library for later.

I stopped the sign language ABC's on the letter P and had the kids tell me things that started with the letter P, which lead into Pirate and the pirates best friend, the parrot.

I read a pirate poem that I found online that had some pirate words and phrases that we went through and what they meant.

We read the book: A BAND OF DIRTY PIRATES by Damian Harvey.

Song:  The Ship on the Waves (tune: wheels on the bus)

Story:  HENRY & THE BUCCANEER BUNNIES by Carolyn Crimi

Action/Fingerplays:  (found online)  Pirate, Pirate and One-Eyed Jake

Story: (found online as PIRATE DAY by Susan M. Dailey.  This is a great story using the "aaarrrgh!" for pirate and lead right into a treasure hunt.

I made a map and placed pictures in the library for the kids to follow with a treasure at the end,  We had a waterfall (drinking fountain), trees, fort (front desk-we crawled by this one so we wouldn't get caught by the people in the fort), mountain (book shelves), jungle (teen area), bird, rocks, until we came to a cave (childrens area) where the kids looked for the X and the treasure.  I think they had fun.
Then we took the treasure back to our ship (storytime area) to be shared with everyone and then did a closing song.

Song:  If youre a pirate and you know it.

Craft:  We made pirate hats in our craft today.  I had a pattern from online that we cut out, colored and stapled strips of paper too, to make them fit around the head.

Thanks!  Chris

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