Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today we talked about Frogs.  The books we read where:
5 Green and Specked Frogs
Frog on a Log
The Wide-Mouthed Frog, by Keith Faulkner - illustrated by Jonathon Lambert

We also showed the kids pictures of different frogs and showed them they could be many different colors than green, from a book by Thomas Marent called frog.

Some other great books that you could share with the kids about frogs are:
There was an old monkey who swallowed a frog by Jennifer Ward, illustred by Steve Gray.
Finklehopper Frog by Irene Livingston
Bye-Bye, Big Bad BullyBug by Ed Emberley
Too Many Frogs! by Sandy Asher
Stick by Steve Breen
Frog Went a-Courtin', pictures by Feodor Rojankosky

 Our craft today was to make a frog puppet.  Supplies needed are a brown sandwich bag; red, green, black and white contact paper.  You can have the kids color or paint the paper bag however they would like.  We had them color on them however they wanted.

From the green paper you need 2 large circles and 2 arms.  From the red a strip for the tounge and from the white and black 2 circles.  The white needs to be a little smaller than the green ones and the black need to be the smallest.

Glue the black circle to the white one and then glue to the green circle.  Glue this to the part of the bag that would be the bottom if the bag was opened.  Take the red strip and glue it under the flap, you can take a pencil and curl this to make the tounge curl.  take the 2 arm peices and glue them to the sides, make sure you don't glue the sides together or it might tear when you place your hands inside the bag to make your puppet move.

I want to thank everyone one for there help today as we had a great turnout.  Here are some pictures of the kids and the great time they had.

 Thank you kids for making storytime fun!

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