Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where is SUMMER!

What is SUMMER?

Summer was the topic of our storytime today.  Perfect day for it as it was snowing!!!  This is the tree out front of the library.

We read the following books:
       Summer by Acorn
       Thumper's Summer Day
       and Summer Stink's by Marty Kelley


Craft for the day was to make a paper plate sun.
I took small paper plates and had them painted yellow.  I did this in advance to save time.  Then you draw a face on the plate.
Take orange and yellow construction paper and trace child hand and cut out.  Depending on what size plate you use will determine how many hands you need.  I used small plates and figured 4 hands of each color would work.  If your child has a very small hand you will need more.

Glue the yellow hands around the back and then the orange ones for the rays for your suns.  Let dry and display.  Here are pictures of the kids with their suns.

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