Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We read Halloween Stories today in storytime.  The first book read was called Piggie Pie! by Margie Palatini.  We then did a finger play about witches that went like this: 
 One Little, Two Little, Three Little Witches
(fingers up, one, two, three)
Fly over Haystacks, fly over ditches
( one hand flies up and over)
Slide down moonbeams without any hitches,
(slide the flying hand down the other arm) 
 Hi, Ho! Halloween's here
(hands on hips, then hands up, palm out)
We then read the Humbug Witch by Lorna Balian and did a flannel story of the witch.  Fun story.  I think the kids really enjoyed it.  The next three books that we read where about monsters and pumpkins.  We read GO AWAY, BIG GREEN MONSTER! by Ed Emberley and Pumpkin Trouble by Jan Thomas and Ollie's Halloween by Olivier Dunrea.  I did a flannel story of the big green monster with the book also.

           Closed with a song to the tune of twinkle, twinkle little star that went like this:
Pumpkin, pumpkin orange and round.
Sittling right there on the ground
Once you were a seed so small
Now you are a great orange ball
Pumpkin, pumpkin orange and round,
Rolling, rolling on the ground.

Craft:  3D jack-o-lanterns
Supplies:  3 paper pumpkins, glue, crayons
Create a face on each pumpkin, fold in half and glue them together,  open up and you have a pumpkin.
Everyone made great jack-o-lanterns.  Everyone did a great job today.  Thank you all for your help.


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