Thursday, January 12, 2012


Dinosaurs were the subject of storytime this week.  We talked about what extinct means and how big some dinosaurs were.  I took a measuring tape and measured out on the floor  how tall some of the dinosaurs were and then we played a dinosaur game where I gave everyone a different colored dinosaur and had them do actions based off the color they were holding.  I then read the following stories:
ABC T-Rex by Bernard Most, this was an abc book about a hungry dinosaur as he ate his way through the alphabet.
Edwina, the dino who didn't know she was extinct by Mo Willems, this was about a boy who tried to convince everyone dinos where extinct including Edwina.
Dinosaur Days, about Harold taking his purple crayon and drawing a story about dinos.

Activites we did: 
Song:  Did you Ever See a Dinosaur? (tune of ever see a lassie?)
Dinosaur Hunt with hand actions

Craft time:  We made our own dinosaur eggs
printed a picture of a baby dinosaur on one paper, cut out a big egg shape on another.  colored the egg and the dinosaur then you cut the egg in half as if it has hatched. take a brad and poke it through the two pieces of egg and the dinosaur page.  open and close the egg to show what is hatching.

Thanks for coming!  Cya next week.

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