Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Good Morning!

Welcome song: "If Your Happy and You Know It!

ABC's. We went through the song and then I introduced the kids to signing the Alphabet.  We started with ABC and will work on the others as we go.  I read a book to the kids that was the ABC's in sign language and we tried to do the signs as we went.  Thanks to Marlene Bollinger for loaning it to me.

We then did the "Cow jumped over the moon" nursury rhyme.  I passed out cards to the kids and as we said the rhymes they brought them to me to place on the board and then we spelled out some of the basic words in the rhyme.

I then read the following books:
Mrs. WOW Never Wanted a Cow by Martha Freeman
Moo Who? by Margie Palatini
Cock-A-Doodle-Moo by Bernard Most

Craft:  We made cows jumping over the moon.  You take a plate a color it for your moon and stars, or however you want to do it, one kid drew a house.  You take your cow which I have a template for that I got online.  You attach them together with a brad and you have your cow who jumped over the moon.

Thanks to everyone for coming.  Cya all next week.


PS - I have pictures but the system would not let me load them today.  I will try later.  Thanks again!

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