Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess!!

Hello Everyone!  As Dr. Suess's birthday is in a few days we had a bunch of Dr. Suess fun today.

Welcome song:  If your happy and you know it.
ABC song, and the abc signs up to the letter J today.

Books shared:  Green Eggs and Ham, part of One Fish, Two Fish, and the FOOT Book by Dr. Suess.

We did an activity as part of each book read today, thanks to ideas I found on various sites on the internet.
Eggs activity,  I had a bunch of Yellow eggs on the board, the other side was a different color and I had the kids try to guess what color the egg would be.  We went until we found the green egg.
One Fish, Two Fish activity:  I had six colored fish on the board, under on of them I had the cat in the hat and the kids guessed which one it was under.  We did this one twice.
Foot activity:  We did the hokey pokey with specifically Right foot, Left foot!

Closing song:  If your happy and you know it. 

Craft:  Simple craft today.  I had the out line of a hat and had the kids design there own crazy hat.

Have a Great Day!

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