Thursday, April 12, 2012

Whats Up At the ZOO?!!

We had a ZOO storytime yesterday.  It was a lot of fun sharing and playing with the kids.

Books Read:  Gladys goes out to lunch by Derek Anderson
When Lulu went to the Zoo by Andy Ellis
My Heart is like a Zoo by Michael Hall

Songs/fingerplays:  Old Mac Donalds' Zoo
If I were an animal in the Zoo . . .
Elephant, Elephant
If you're a . . .(tune If you're happy)

Flannel Board/Game:  Matched animals to their habitat (place they lived)

Craft:  I found a cool idea online for making a zoo.
Take a piece of paper, fold in half.  On one side cut out a rectangle in the middle, then hole punch hole above and blow the cut out part.  Have the kids decorate then take pipe cleaner and place it across the holes, twisting it through the holes.  Then take a small baggie and place some animal crackers inside, staple the side together and slide your bag of animals in from the top.  This should place the animals behind the bars showing animals in your zoo.  The kids had fun with this, especially eating their zoo animals!

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