Wednesday, April 18, 2012


With Earth Day coming up, we talked about worms today.  I didn't get any pictures taken today, sorry!

Books Read: ABC Sign Language - found a cool ABC book with the Signs so used it today to go through the ABCS with the kids.

WORMS FOR LUNCH by Leonid Gore
INCH BY INCH by Leo Lionni

Also showed pictures of worms from non-fiction books called EARTHWORMS and WEIRD, WILD, AND WONDERFUL WORMS.

Games:  Played find the worm.  Hid a worm under apples and took turns finding it.

Wiggle Worm Song.

I showed the kids a video that i found online of an inchworm on a kids hands.

Craft:  Colored Wila Worm today.

Everyone did a great job.  I was glad to see everyone and hope to see you all next week.

Happy Earth Day!


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  1. Ha! I'm doing worms tomorrow. Can you tell me what "Wiggle Worm" song you did? Is it off the Wiggleworms album?

    We are going to read Worms for Lunch and Ned's New Home. Ned's New Home will go very well with this flannel I did

    Also thinking about doing "Walter the Waltzing Worm" with scarves.