Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We had some special guests today.  Donna Ramsey of Black Ridge Minatures brought two of her minature horses to storytime.  Their names where Muffin and Mirage.  I took lots of pictures that I hope show every one.  The kids had a great time.

Before we went and played with the horses I read the story CLIP-CLOP by Nicola Smee, to the kids.  We did an activity to the tune of "Mr. Ed's Theme Song" that went like this:
If I were a horse
A horse, Ahorse
I'd like to be a (color) horse,
I'd like to be a (color) horse,
and my name would be _________.(found online)
The kids filled in the blanks, and then we sang the first two verses of She'll be Coming Round the Mountain.

Craft for today was a take home color sheet of a horse.

Here are the pictures taken:

Cya all next week for some "super" fun.

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