Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We had a lot of fun with the alphabet in storytime today.

We read the following books:
A is for Salad by Mike Lester
Alpha Oops, The Day Z went First! by Alethea Kontis

Both of these stories had the alphabet a little mixed up.  We sang the ABC song a few times, we tried to do it backward once.  It is harder to do than you would think.

We played two games.  "When I was at the store, I bought an . . . A  (apple) B etc.  You have everyone one take a turn naming something they bought at the store following the alphabet.  Then we played ABC Turtle.  I found this idea on  It is kind of like bingo.  I had the kids take turns picking a letter and then finding where it went on the board.

For the craft today, I had them make ABC Chains.  I printed and cut into strips on different colored paper, A through F.  Too many kids to do more than this.  Then the kids taped the strips together alphabetically to make their chains.

Here are pictures of todays project.

Thanks to everyone for participating.  See ya next week.

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