Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Storytime was all about alligators today.  I shared a book called Baby ALLIGATOR by Ginjer L. Clarke with the kids.  It went through the life of an alligator.

Other books read were:
There's an alligator under my bed by Mercer Mayer
Duck and Cover by Jackie Urbanovic

I had a bunch of games found on line so we played a few  with the kids.  We had a strip puzzle they put together to form an alligator.   Two swamps to place the matching alligator in the right one, based off of A or a.  We did the "5 little Monkeys, teasing Mr. Alligator.  and we did an echo song called "Alligator".

Craft time:
Gave the kids cut out shapes and the letter "A" to color and glue to make an alligator.  Here are the some of the kids.  They did AWESOME!

Great job Kids!  Can you guess what next weeks topic is going to be?  Sept. 19 is ___________________________________ Day.


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